High Performance 5W40 Engine Oil
High Performance 5W40 Engine Oil

High Performance 5W40 Engine Oil

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  All-season motor oil with exceptional viscosity index.

   Excellent fluidity at low temperatures.

   Universal motor oil gas and diesel engines with multi-valve cylinder heads and turbocharging.

   Suitable for engines with and without charge air cooling.

   Provides better operation and longer engine life.

   Significantly reduces fuel and oil consumption, as well as polluting gas emissions.

   Guarantees complete and rapid lubrication of the engine.

   Excellent engine cleanliness, high lubrication safety.

  Guarantees the best lubrication in extreme conditions of use.

   Enables engine oil change intervals of 25,000 miles (40,000 km.).

   Compliant with current European emission standards.


•   Turn off engine and let it cool for 15 minutes.

•   Remove the engine oil drain plug (*Caution, engine oil can be very hot! Use an approved oil collection tray under the oil pan to hold the used oil. Let oil drain for 10 minutes).

•   Replace the oil drain plug back into the oil pan and wipe clean.

   Using a funnel, add approximately ½ of the new oil into the engine. Smaller engines on motorcycles and ATV's will use much less oil.

•   Check the oil level by using the dipstick and add a little more oil at a time until the dipstick shows the recommended level (this level can be found in your vehicle owners manual).

•   Replace the oil filler cap and ensure it is closed properly.

•   Do NOT overfill with oil! Too much oil can cause blown seals, extremely high oil pressure, carbon deposits on engine walls and catalytic converter failure.